1. Charge backs

We offer our clients a refund if we deem the reasoning for it valid and ask you to contact us if you believe you should be refunded. If you decide to charge back from your end whether full or partial, without coming to a refund agreement with us, this can result in the termination of your Nattguld account and any license bound to that account.

2. License sharing

You may use your license on any computer but only 1 at a time. Sharing your license with others in any way is not permitted. If you decide to ignore this and as a result of sharing find your account compromised we will terminate the account if the necessary proof is present. No replacement license will be given however so if you still want to use the product you will need to buy a new license.

3. License Models

We have certain license models and types available which are listed here:

  • Free: A free license indicates the product may be used for free for a lifetime*.
  • Lifetime: A lifetime license indicates the product may be used for a lifetime* after initial purchase.
  • Trial: A trial license indicates the product may be used for a limited time. After that time you may not use a trial license again to use the product but must buy a paid license to continue using it. The trial time should be mentioned on the product information page.
  • Subscription: A subscription license indicates the product may be used for a limited time after payment. To continue using the product the payment must be made again. This is usually every month unless mentioned differently on the product information page.

* Lifetime means the lifetime of the product. Once the product is discontinued it’s lifetime is over. We do guarantee a minimum lifetime of at least 3 months after the last purchase of a product unless circumstances prevent this.

4. License Termination

We may terminate your license without notice at any time if we believe we have reason to do so. As example if we believe you are using any of our products to break the law we will terminate your account and you will lose access to the licenses you owned. You will be banned from ever using any Nattguld services or products again. When we get contacted by any business that is gaining negative effects from your behavior on their platform by using a Nattguld product, we may also terminate your account. As example spamming, breaking their T.O.S. repeatedly or  harassing their users.

5. Changes

Changes to the License Agreement may happen at any time without notice. We deem you as client responsible to stay up to date with the License Agreement.