Landing Satellite allow you to set up simple to very advanced setups for handling your incoming traffic.
You’re able to control the landing pages and offers served to specific people through a wide variety of options.
Categories allow you to server niche landers and offers to your targetted traffic and you can easily A/B test or rotate offers based on categories, country and device. On top of that statistics are gathered to see the CTR performance of your pre-landers and trackers are automatically added to your offer links to give you the tools for analyzing your funnels in depth.
You only need 1 host to host the files and you can let all your domains use it so you’re saving out on that too!


    • Rotate or/and AB test your prelanders
    • Rotate or/and AB test offers & smartlinks
    • Setup funnels per niche/category with offers & landers
    • Add as many landers, categories & offers as you wish
    • Funnel traffic flows based on categories, country & device
    • Track CTR on your landing pages
    • Automated tracker generation on your links
    • 1 host for all your websites
    • Full video series guide included


Purchasing Landing Satellite is a lifetime license. You pay once and never again.

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