Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q.)

Last updated: 26th of October 2018

Please read the F.A.Q. before using our services. 
If you encounter any unexpected situations or any problems that are mentioned in our F.A.Q. we can not help you.

What are the accepted payment options?

We accept various crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and a few smaller coins. 
We also accept Paypal but with a 10% fee on top of the base price and TransferWise (no fees).
Any charge back will result in termination of your account and the lose of your balance.

Can I get a refund?

In case of public software usually a trial version will be available and no refund will be issued. If no trial is available for the product and your license is under 76 hours old we will review the reason of your refund request. After review which should not take longer than 7 business days we will decide whether to issue your refund or not. You may however at any point whether the software is public or not apply for a refund if you believe you have a valid reason for it but there is no guarantee the refund will be issued.

I lost my account, can I transfer my balance or license to a new one?

Account balance such as affiliate earnings can not be transferred between accounts. If you hit the minimum payout of 50 USD we will however still pay out your balance on your old account if you lost access to it. If you lost access to your account which holds one or multiple software licenses we will reset your account’s password so you can access it again. However we will only take this action if we can validate you are really the owner of the account.

Can I use my license on multiple computers?

Yes you can but only one computer at a time.