The Beginning

Nattguld is a small software company launched by a Belgian developer in 2016. After many years of experience in Java programming it was time to turn those skills into useful projects for others. Starting off with smaller projects the company quickly grew through mouth to mouth advertising. To handle the increasing work load a 2nd developer based in the United States joined the team. In 2018 the team decided to leave the shadows and take the next step to growing the business. A website was launched and it was time to take things truly public.


Nattguld values long term relationships with small businesses above all. Rather than creating average software for a big range of people we focus on providing small solutions for freelancers and small business owners. Customizability and affordable solutions are our main keywords. Freelancers and small businesses should find their place to be right here at Nattguld for all their software needs. Next to that we offer full discretion to our clients and no details of your projects are made available to others than our team without your explicit permission.

Always Worth It!

When a custom solution is made we also give you the option to make it publicly available on our website and will receive a percentage of all profits.

If you have any more questions or are interested in working with us head to our contact page our send us an email!