Why You Should Do It

Audience specific redirecting is as the name says redirecting based on your audience. As example redirect an English speaking visitor to another page than a French speaking visitor. Or redirect mobile users to another page than desktop users. But why bother? Why should you serve different pages to different audiences?

If you’re simply running a blog or a local website in the language of your choice there’s no real purpose for it. If you’re however looking to sell products or create landing pages or other ways of convincing your audience to get something done you’ll want to take things more serious. This is where audience specific redirecting comes in handy.


Nowadays we build websites in a responsive matter so they look good both on mobile and desktop devices. Although this is great for regular website usage it’s not perfect if you want to get the most out of your pages. After some a/b testing you will quickly discover some pages work better for mobile users while others work better for desktop users. If you’re used to responsive development I wouldn’t bother too much with this from the start however it’s worth considering to fine tune your funnels.


A more important factor than device is the language. Some people sometimes forget that English is not the only language in the world. Although the majority of young people in western countries speak and understand an acceptable rate of English most will still prefer their mother language. It’s obvious that it would be a huge task to create pages in every language but just making pages in the languages of your main target audiences should be doable. It’s simply easier to convert someone in a language they understand perfectly.


A country is not the same as a language. Not only do many countries use multiple languages but also people living abroad will speak another language than the country they are in. Now the factor for countries is not specifically the language but the culture. Even regions in a country can have a different culture. That usually goes hand in hand with a different language. But some regions might be more rich than others and if you want to reach those people it can be smart to not only focus on their language but also their habits and culture.

Are you selling something that is not acceptable in a certain religion and after research you find out that a certain region of your target country is very religious? Well then it would be obvious to either serve your advertisements or landing page different to them, or not at all.


To put it in short serving different pages to different audiences is an important factor in increasing your conversions and visitor duration. For WordPress websites you can find plugins to serve multi-language websites however audience specific redirecting will especially be effective when building sales funnels. Head over to our Redirect Satellite here and see how easy we can make this task for you.


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