There has been a lot of talks about this method in the marketing scene over the past decade. There’s reason for that and that is that the method not only works but is also easy to start without much investments. No real skills are needed for it, only some discipline.

How Does It Work

To put it very simple it comes down to uploading a video to an adult site and gain views. There are different ways of monetizing this which we will cover further in this article. And you’ll have to keep security in mind as most websites will not like you uploading videos for your own commercial reasons.

Where To Start


First you need to get your hands on videos. You can do this the “sketchy” or the legal way. The legal way would be buying licenses from video producers and upload those videos. The less legal way depending on your country would be downloading videos from others and upload those. Usually people using the legal way of uploading will own a few channels and upload on those. When downloading videos however you might find your accounts banned for copyright. Ideally you will upload 3 videos per account for the best results. As most websites use a 3-strike system. With 2 strikes your account will still be alive and you’ll have 1 video still up. However if you’d have 3 strikes and upload over 3 videos all that other work will be gone for nothing.


Of course purely uploading a video will not do anything. The views you get have no purpose. The main goal for most people will be making money of it. For that you will want to edit your videos before uploading. The most common way is applying a watermark to the video with a link to your website. If you have a little more experience with video editing you can also create intro and/or outro’s and apply them to your videos.

There are free and cheap domains you can use for your website however people usually have more trust in top level domains such as .com and .net. If your budget is small it’s fine to get started with a free or cheap domain but once you can afford it you should get a better looking domain. One big tip is to keep your domain names as short as possible. Since links will not be clickable on a watermark or intro people need to type them in. The shorter the more people will take that time but also avoid typing the domain name wrong.

How To Monetize

There are tons of ways to monetize but we will cover a few of the main ones here. The most common one in this industry is CPA. A few other popular ones are  selling physical products, banner advertising and building social profiles.


CPA simply put means that you send traffic to a service or product and you get paid for it. There are different models such as PPS (pay per sale) and PPL (pay per lead). With the PPL model you will be paid when somebody signs up on the website of the advertiser as where with PPS you will get paid only once they buy something. The payout however is gonna be higher on PPS. There is also revshare where you get a % of the money spent by the person you converted. This is a good long term strategy but not so much in the short term.

One of the most popular platforms for revshare is chaturbate. They’re the biggest cam site around right now and you get a % of all tokens people spend that you managed to get to their website. Check out their affiliate program here.

Also very popular is affiliate network websites. Those websites have a collection of offers you can pick to send your traffic to. Recently smartlinks have been becoming more and more popular too where you only need 1 link and the network rotates offers to assure you get the best out of your traffic. I can highly recommend  Adverten if you’re interested in smartlinks. If you wish to have more freedom you can try CrakRevenue which has been one of the market leaders in the industry for years. CrakRevenue is overall also a bit easier to join as where most networks expect some experience before letting you into their programs.

Selling Products

This is the most simple one to get. You sell a product and use the traffic to get people to your website and hope that they will buy something. With this method we’re looking at adult traffic so you will probably be selling adult products. This way of monetizing is however a tricky one as you have to make fairly big investments and need to make profit on them.

Banner Advertising

If you own a blog, dating website, your own tube or anything related you could rather than doing straight CPA get people to visit your website. There you can set up banners for various products or even CPA. The difference here is that you focus more on growing your own website as with straight CPA the traffic ends up only at the advertiser.

Social Profile Building

If you run any adult related accounts on social networks or certain websites you could send your traffic to there to help grow your profile. Then you can monetize your social profile through shout-outs or just decide later how to monetize your followers.


Manually uploading takes time especially if you upload on multiple platforms. Not only the uploading itself takes time but mainly creating information for your videos. Such as titles, tags, categories etc… Automation can speed up everything and make your work a lot easier. Leaving more time for other things or simply uploading more content. Nattguld offers Adult Tube Suite to handle those things. Not only does it allow you to upload and create accounts automatically but it also provides detail generation to make manual uploading faster and easier. On top of that it keeps track of all your videos so you have a nice overview of your video statistics and status. If you want to take it a step further you can boost your views with sending votes to your videos.

Bypass Security

One of the biggest problems you will face with this method is security measures against spam implemented by websites. Even if you upload licensed content you might find yourself banned for no reason at all. Any site that has much traffic in terms of visitors has to fight spam and if you’re not a big brand you might find yourself stuck in spam filters even though you aren’t doing anything wrong.

The first step to take is assure your anonymity while browsing. You can read our article on browsing anonymity here.

The second step is gonna be hiding your IP. IP addresses are the main way of stopping people from using a website. This is however usually done in a subtle way. You can find your account banned but it can also be ghosted. Ghosting is a way of banning you without you realizing it. You can use the service like nothing is going on but nobody else will be noticing your activity. Our Adult Tube Suite checks for ghosting on certain websites when creating an account. For yourself it’s fairly easy to spot, although slower to do so, by keeping track of your video statistics. If your videos barely gain views you are most likely ghosted and should abandon the IP address.

But how do you hide your IP? There are many ways to do so however not all ways are as effective as others. The way security is handled also differs from website to website meaning what works on one might not work on another. To learn more about this subject we advise you to read our article on proxies and VPN’s.

Legal Notes

Before working with this method be aware of the laws in your country. Whether you want to break them or not is not up to me but it’s advised to inform yourself to know what you can do and not do. Not only related to copyright issues if you decide to not buy content but also laws according to adult content. In this article and the linked articles we give you the options to execute this method yourself but you are responsible for the way you do it and respecting your local laws.


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